Stay connected without giving up your privacy

with a secure, updatable digital contact card

People move, switch jobs, change phone numbers and over time traditional contact lists become hopelessly out of date. With n≡ucards, the digital contact cards you receive update automatically, so you always have the latest information.

Share your contact information with anyone, even if they do not have the app.

Keep track of who has your card and change which card type they have. Plus, you can see where and when you exchanged cards to help remember more about meeting someone.

Most importantly, your information is protected with end-to-end encryption before it even leaves your device. Only those you have given your card to can see it, and nobody else, not even n≡ucards.



You can exchange cards via QR code, tap tags, AirDrop, email, or text message. For in person exchanges, your current location can be captured, if you allow it.


Each person who has your card shows up as a recipient. When you update your account or your card's information, each recipient will immediately be notified and receive your changes. For cards you have received, you can be confident you always have the latest information.


Your information is end-to-end encrypted so that only you and the people you share your card with may have access to it. Each person has an automatically generated public and private key pair. The private key remains only on your device, while the public key is used by others to encrypt their information for your use.


neu tap card
neu Tap Card
These are the size of a credit card. Tap against any smartphone with NFC technology to share your linked digital card.
NEU phone round tag
neu Phone Round Tag
About the same size as a quarter and can be affixed to the back of your phone after activating. Tap against any smartphone with NFC technology to share your linked digital card.


End-to-end encryption is a modern technique for preventing access to your information unless you specifically allow it. Each user has a set of keys, one public and one private, tied to their device. Your personal information is encoded with your private key and the public key of each of your recipients, thereby allowing them to decode your information on their device.

Your account profile name and photo are shown to the owners of the cards you have received as you are listed as a recipient. Additionally, others will see this infromation when updates are made.

The corresponding received card or recipient will be deleted from the other user.

The contact information on a card is meant to be pristine, but there is a notes section available where you may add your own information. These notes are not shared with anyone else.

If you allow access to location information, n≡ucards will record your current location when you exchange your card in person via QR Code, tap tags, or Air Drop. This location is shared with the other user and appears on the details screen for the received card or recipient.

Tap tags use NFC, or near-field communication, technology that wirelessly transmit information to smartphones over short distances. By tapping your tag against someone's phone, they will receive a link to your contact information, which will open your card on the n≡ucards website or begin the end-to-end encrypted exchange if they have the app installed. Tapping takes just seconds to give someone your information and works even if your phone is off.

Yes. When sharing your n≡ucard with someone who does not have the n≡ucards app installed, a link with a one time password is generated which can be viewed on the n≡ucards website. These links expire and last only a short time. There, they can act on your contact information by clicking to initiate a phone call to you, send you an email, or visit your social profiles.

No. n≡ucards is completely free.

Yes. n≡ucards uses card types which can be enabled by going to More > Settings and then selecting which card types you want to use. The Default card type is your main card and where you should add most of your contact information. Other card types can then use these default values or add new information. By switching to a particular card type, only that card's information is shared when sending it to someone new. For people who already have your card, you can see which card type they have and even change it to a new card type whenever you want. If you'd like to see card types in action, schedule a quick tour.

Yes. You can add the city you are currently in to your card by going to the My Card tab and tapping Edit in the upper left corner. At the bottom of the edit screen, tap add field and then choose Current location. This field is populated by the GPS on your phone and is always manually triggered, as n≡ucards does not track your location. Adding this field can let people who have your card know that you are in town.