welcome to neucards

a secure digital contact card

Your personal information is important. Sharing it with others should be easy. You should be able to see who has your information and know it is protected so only those you want may have access to it. When you change your information, it should immediately update for everyone, so they can stay in touch.

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You can exchange cards via QR code, AirDrop, email, or text message. For in person exchanges, your current location can also be recorded, if you allow it.


Each person who has your card shows up as a recipient. When you update your account or your card's information, each recipient will immediately be notified and receive your changes. For cards you have received, you can be confident you always have the latest information.


Your account and card's information is end-to-end encrypted so that only you and the people you share your card with may have access to it. Each person has an automatically generated public and private key pair. The private key remains only on your device, while the public key is used by others to encrypt their information for your use.