How is my personal information protected?

End-to-end encryption is a modern technique for preventing access to your information unless you specifically allow it. Each user has a set of keys, one public and one private, tied to their device. Your personal information is encoded with your private key and the public key of each of your recipients, thereby allowing them to decode your information on their device.

When is my account information shown?

Your account profile name and photo are shown to the owners of the cards you have received as you are listed as a recipient. Additionally, others will see this information when updates are made.

What happens if I delete a recipient or a received card?

The corresponding received card or recipient will be deleted from the other user.

Can I add my own information to a received card or a recipient?

The personal information on a card is meant to be pristine, but there is a notes section where you may add you own information. These notes are not shared with anyone else.

How is location data used?

If you allow access to location information, Neucards will record your current location when you exchange your card in person via QR Code or Air Drop. This location is shared with the other user and appears on the details screen for the received card or recipient.

Can I exchange cards without a network connection?

Yes. They will be linked up once both users in the exchange are back online.